Five Day FDP on

Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Indian Institute of Information Technology, Vadodara

13-17 Dec, 2021

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AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy

The use of computers to solve complex problems is the fundamental theme of Artificial Intelligence. The notion of intelligence being captured by problem solving ability reflects throughout the course. Understanding the difficult problems in computation and interpreting software as intelligent agents is important. Modeling the problems in a way that can be solved using computer programs is very crucial to understanding artificial intelligence.

About the Institute

Indian Institute of Information Technology Vadodara was established in 2013 under Public Private Partnership of Government of India, Government of Gujarat, Tata Consultancy Services, Gujarat State Fertilizer Company and Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute. Further, the institute has been declared as an Institute of National Importance by an Act of Parliament. The major objective of its establishment is to set up a model of education which can produce best-in-class human resources in IT and harnessing the multidimensional facets of IT in various domains.

Programme Objectives

After undergoing this course, the students will be able to design and develop programs for an agent to learn and act in a structured environment. The course aims at introducing the fundamental aspects of state space search and game playing agents. The other major aspect covered in the course is about classification problems, i.e. both generative and discriminative models.


The course has a very strong laboratory component based on R and Python and frameworks like Tensorflow and Pytorch. For a better learning experience participants will be required to use their laptops.

Course Contents

Generative Models: Bayesian Network, Deep Belief Networks

Discriminative Models: Random Forest, Support Vector Machine, Neural Network, Deep Neural Nets, CNN

Deep Learning: Case Studies in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Weather Forecasting

Workshop Chair

Prof. Sarat Kumar Patra


IIIT Vadodara


Dr. Parth Gupta


Dr. Pratik Shah

Assistant Professor

IIIT, Vadodara

Dr. Sanjeel Parekh

Telecom Paris

Dr. Jignesh Bhatt

Assistant Professor

IIIT, Vadodara

Dr. Ratnik Gandhi

Sentrana Inc.

Dr. Ashish Phophalia

Assistant Professor

IIIT, Vadodara

Dr. Mitesh Patel


Dr. Prashant Domadia